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Released November 24th

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Single Info

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VOIDS is back with their second single, 'Uncompleted' from their upcoming album, due for release in early 2024. In contrast with their recent release 'Code' this track brings a darker, sub-heavy atmosphere.


'Uncompleted' takes its listeners on a journey into the depths of the subconscious, embracing themes of introspection, unfinished stories, and a lingering sense of what could have been. The line "The lights out there are fading, but I'm still burning within" captures this emotion, portraying the fading external prospects against the enduring internal flame and the complexity tied to recognising missed opportunities.

Once more, VOIDS enlists the talents of Alison McDonnell-White, one half of the creative duo behind the band, to craft the visuals for 'Uncompleted'. The video delves into the blurred boundaries between our hidden, inner worlds and the visible aspects of our experiences.

'Uncompleted' is set to be available on November 24th across major streaming platforms.

Written, Recorded & Produced by Voids

Mixed & Mastered by Chris Crehan


Galway-based electronic duo Voids first burst onto the scene in 2014 with their dark blend of electro-pop in the form of debut EP, 'Begin' released on the Fly High Society label.

Described as “beautifully dark and spacious” (Om Unit) 'Begin' was characterised by a minimalist setup using primarily electric bass, voice and beats processed in various ways. Live looping was central to their process and this release was born out of their live sets. Since then, Voids have focused their efforts primarily in the studio, refining and developing their voice in new ways.

After a lengthy hiatus, they returned in May 2023 with 'Code' described by 2FM radio presenter Jenny Greene as "a little gem". Their long-awaited debut LP is set for release at the start of 2024.

The forthcoming album promises a selection of tracks immediately recognizable as Voids, with strong melodic hooks and deep brooding basslines, yet sonically more dense, diverse and sophisticated.


“The duo released their debut EP ‘Begin’ back in late September (2014) and upon first listen its easy to hear the stripped back, softly spoken two piece ensemble and draw similarities to contemporaries such as The XX, Daughter or some of the newer Warpaint stuff, but its undeniable they are bringing their own personal charm to the table as well with this well written and masterfully produced collection of tracks”

- Bite the Belt

“This decision to deliver a debut release that leans more towards tone and mood than impact and urgency is a bold choice. Instead of instantly grabbing the attention, the music is allowed gradually creep-up on the listener. And given the duo’s ability to create enthralling sonic backdrops, this proves to be the right choice”

- The Last Mixed Tape

"A little gem'

- Jenny Greene on 'Code'

Presenter RTÉ 2FM

“A deeply rich and grabbing experience”

- Laurent Fintoni,

Fact Magazine

‘’A breath of fresh air, hauntingly beautiful vocals settled on a luscious soundscape. love this record"

- SertOne

Fly High Society | Feel Good Lost

"Beautifully dark and spacious - love it!l"

- Om Unit

Cosmic Bridge | Civil Music | Metalheadz

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