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Galway-based electronic duo Voids first burst onto the scene in 2014 with their dark blend of electro-pop in the form of debut EP, “Begin’’ released on the Fly High Society label.

Described as “beautifully dark and spacious” (Om Unit) “Begin” was characterised by a minimalist setup using primarily electric bass, voice and beats processed in various ways. Live looping was central to their process and this release was born out of their live sets. Since then, Voids have focused their efforts primarily in the studio, refining and developing their voice in new ways.

After a lengthy hiatus, they have returned with their lush soundscapes, slick beats and sublime vocals. ‘Code’ is the first single from their long awaited debut LP set for release in early 2024. The forthcoming album promises a selection of tracks immediately recognisable as Voids, with strong melodic hooks and deep brooding basslines, yet sonically more dense, diverse and sophisticated.


“Beautifully dark and spacious – love it!
– Om Unit.
Cosmic Bridge | Civil Music | Metalheadz

“Sounds like treacle”
– LV
Hyperdub | Keysound Recordings

’A breath of fresh air, hauntingly beautiful vocals settled on a luscious soundscape. Love this record”
– SertOne
Fly High Society | Feel Good Lost

“Trance inducing space fest.”
Raid System | Civil Music

“I’m slightly biased ‘cos I mastered it, but this stuff is deep, heavy and sonically intricate.”
Cosmic Bridge.

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